maxwell ems department

Maxwell EMS is a community-based group of volunteers, trained and equipped to provide professional,  quality emergency medical services to the community of Maxwell and surrounding areas. We serve approximately 75 square miles. Our emergency medical services include the City of Maxwell, Indian Creek Township and Washington Township. Maxwell EMS is an entity of the City and is funded by the City of Maxwell and Indian Creek Township. The Maxwell City Council governs the department. The fire station is shared by the Fire Department and EMS.

Maxwell EMS meets the 2nd Sunday of each month at 9:00 am. Training follows the meeting.

If you are interested in joining the Maxwell EMS Dept, please call City Hall at 515-387-8655. View the EMS website here:


Shelby Patterson - EMT (Chief/Service Director)

Tawnia Leslie - EMT (Asst Chief)

Kasey Patterson - EMT (Captain)

Maxwell Van Maanen - EMT (Training Officer)

Jamie Ness - EMT

Nancy Pritchard - EMT

Brock Burton - EMT Student

Julie Pritchard - Helper

Susie Livesay - Helper

Tony Ness - Driver