MAYOR (2 yr term expires 12/31/21) 

Jameson Hudson

613 Rock Creek Dr.

Maxwell, IA 50161

Email: jhudmusic@gmail.com


Alex Golly (4 yr term expires 12/31/21)

308 Main St

Maxwell, IA 50161

Email: argolly1@gmail.com

Committees: City Enterprise(chair), Public Safety

Ken Jans (4 yr term expires 12/31/21)

65765 325th St

Maxwell, IA 50161

Email: kennethjans63@gmail.com

Public use - email

Committees: Public Safety (chair), City Government

Meggen Lawrence (4 yr term expires 12/31/23)

507 North St

Maxwell, IA 50161

(515) 387-9697 (home)

Public use - home phone.

Best times to reach 4-9pm or leave a message

Doug Miller (4 yr term expires 12/31/23)

610 Rock Creek Dr

Maxwell, IA 50161-0245

(515) 387-9632 (home)

Email: dougmiller5151@yahoo.com

Committees: Community Betterment (chair), City Enterprise

Steve Gast (4 yr term expires 12/31/23)

417 Maxwell St

Maxwell, IA 50161

(515) 387-1241 (home)

Email: steven50161@gmail.com

Committees: City Government (chair), Public Facilities

City Council meetings are held the first Monday of each month at 6:30pm at the Maxwell City Hall